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Furniture Sourcing and Lighting



Furniture Sourcing is always looking for the latest trend and style. We do source for our products from all over the world. We have many styles to choose and all ways adding to our line. We make sure that our customers get the quality that they are looking for when they shop with Furniture Sourcing. We do work with our customers on different seat colors as well on different wood colors on large quantities. To serve our customers in an extraordinary manner - we work very hard to make our products meet our unique vision while being “easy to do business with”.

Our lighting products are made of natural material including, iron, brass, aluminum and crystal. Our products are carefully crafted by hand with attention to detail. The depth and richness of the finished product reflect the meticulous handwork as well as the warmth of the material. The company invests in inventory so that orders will be delivered in a timely fashion.